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Where Can I Learn About ALL My Pregnancy Options?

Accurate Information, Unlimited Support

You took a home test (and then 3 more) and those two pink lines couldn’t be clearer. As the shock starts to wear off, you may be wondering who you should talk to or where you should go.

The temptation to jump on Google is too strong and before you know it, you’ve searched for everything under the sun but still feel like you’ve come up empty – or worse, you’re now suffering from information overload.

If you are looking for accurate, unbiased facts about your pregnancy and all the options available to you, read on friend. Even if you just want a place where you can talk and clear your head before making a decision, we’ve got you covered.

1) Your Local OB/GYN can provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and most medical reproductive services. If you know for sure you are going to continue your pregnancy, you can start with a care provider from the very beginning.

  • Pros – You may already have a relationship with your doctor or midwife and it can be a comfortable, familiar setting.

  • Cons - You can get medical information on abortion and pregnancy but it’s unlikely they could provide an in-depth consultation on abortion, adoption, and parenting and all the different choices within those options. It also can be expensive depending on your insurance plan.

2) Family Planning Clinics and Planned Parenthood facilities are common and familiar; however, they are not known to provide comprehensive pregnancy options consultations.

  • Pros – Pregnancy testing is typically cheap, if not free.

  • Cons – They make most of their money from their abortion services and are very persuasive. Ultrasounds are required to determine abortion costs and how far along you are, but they are expensive and most clinics do not let you view the screen during the sonogram. Planned Parenthood and FPCs also have very limited information on options other than abortion such as adoption information or parenting resources.

3) Your Local Pregnancy Center, Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center, offers free pregnancy testing, pregnancy options consultations, obstetric ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, after abortion care, parenting programs and classes, and more.

  • Pros – All our services are confidential and free of charge. We will walk through every option, all the choices in between, and how each one impacts your future. You can take all the time you need and ask questions in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space. Because all our services are free, no one benefits from any decision you make.

  • Cons – Nope, not a one! 😉


What can I expect?

In your pregnancy options consultations*, you will learn about:

Abortion – information on the abortion pill (medical abortion) and surgical abortions at each stage, what to expect during the procedure and how you may feel afterward, side-effects of abortion, abortion pill reversal information, and learn about after-abortion recovery

Adoption – information on open, closed, and semi-open adoptions, explore differences of private adoption attorneys and adoption ministries and learn about resources in our area if you wish to pursue this option further

Parenting – information on single and co-parenting options and a realistic look at each, parenting if engaged or married, resources for your pregnancy and child’s first few years, and support for single parents, parenting while in school, and more

Pregnancy - information on fetal development, how to have a healthy pregnancy, free medical services, and a list of doctors and resources in Yakima, WA

Most importantly, we don’t benefit from any decision you make. You will only receive compassionate care and the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

Book an appointment today.

*We also offer consultations for men and partners who want to learn about pregnancy options and how to offer support. We walk through all options and how each one would impact their future. Our free services include education for partners and parenting programs for new dads.

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